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We are on the verge of a new industrial revolution. The future lies in the hands of the pioneers and disruptors. How can emerging nations begin to adapt – and lead – in this changing landscape?



The New Oil

Data Fuels the Disruption of Industries.

The Human Factor

Creativity and Empathy in the Age of Automation.

The Triple Bottom Line

Sustainability and Democratized Development in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Collaborative Governance in ASEAN

Unleashing the Region’s Potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Highlights: Innovation for All Panel

Highlights: Disruption of Industries Panel

Highlights: Sustainability at the Heart of Business Panel

Highlights: Data Is the New Oil Panel

Highlights: The Future of Talent Panel

Highlights: Collaborative Governance in the ASEAN Panel

Highlights: Powering Small Business Panel

What is OCEAN Summit?


OCEAN (Open Collaboration with East Asia New Champions) is a biennial gathering in the Philippines that brings together leaders across sectors to connect, discover new ideas, and shape a more creative and innovative future together.

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