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Two years ago, the World Economic Forum (WEF) community of the Philippines hosted the first ever OCEAN Summit which brought together leaders from every sector across the globe with one mission in mind - to improve the state of the Philippines by building its innovative and creative potential. The event was a huge success and brought together 176 local Filipino thought leaders and 60 WEF global leaders, garnering support and resources around several impactful initiatives.


Panel discussions covered Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Social Initiatives, Environment in the Next Decade, the Creative Economy, and Igniting Private & Public Partnerships. Notable outcomes from OCEAN 2014 include the Start-Up Business Bill, a proposed legislation to provide tax exemptions to young companies; the Hope Now Foundation, which activates mobile hospitals in response to natural disasters; and a bamboo school that facilitates active learning for the youth in Bohol.


After the success of the 2014 Summit, the organizers of OCEAN decided to make it a regular event that tries to bridge the ideas from the WEF with local contexts in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. The conference occurs every two years and relies heavily on incredibly talented volunteers and community leaders who make truly open collaboration possible. Here’s a look back at the OCEAN Summit in 2016.


Today, OCEAN has branched out to support a wide-range of initiatives that have the central goal of building up the innovative and creative potential of the Philippines. We’ve started to focus more on fostering thought leadership and interesting research for the growing industries of the Philippines. Our conference has been a reliable platform for leaders from every sector, from young upstarts to experienced industry executives, that allows them to come together and plan for the fast changing future.


Stay on the look-out for our next big event in November 2017, which will bring together creative entrepreneurs, (we like to call them indiepreneurs!) for a wildly fun and thought provoking event!

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